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December Freebies

Here is what I got completely FREE during the month of December. Click here to read a previous post explaining each category.

Publix Mystery Coupon Items:
Redenbacher popcorn
Publix pasta sauce
sourdough bread
2 bottles grape juice
Publix salad dressing

CVS Extracare Bucks With Sales and Coupons:
2 reams printer paper
Cascade dishwasher detergent
2 jars Ragu sauce
2 Colgate toothpaste
2 Crest toothpaste
Schick Quattro razor
Soft & Dry deodorant
2 CVS facial cleansing towelettes
8 travel size first aid kits
3 Arm and Hammer Essentials

Great Sale Prices Combined with Coupons:

40 boxes Martha White corn muffin mix
4 boxes Shedd’s Spread sticks (14 cents each)
2 pkgs Idahoan mashed potatoes
Betty Crocker mashed potatoes (10 cents)
4 strips yeast (10 cents ea)
4 lb apples
ginger Altoids
2 WellPatch
12-pk Schick disposable razors
small bottle Suave moisturizer
2 pkgs Cottonelle bath tissue
Energizer rechargeable charger

Spent Free Gift Cards (from transferring rx):
13 half gallons Mayfield milk
4 lb raw almonds
4 dozen eggs
4 bags frozen veggies
spiral cut ham (for Christmas dinner)
5 lb ground beef
2 28-oz pkgs sausage links
2 lb bacon
2 pkgs shredded cheese
drain opener
birthday card

Full Rebates:

3 boxes Russell Stover Private Reserve chocolates (2 will be full rebates; one was free with a buy 2 get one free coupon)
Arm and Hammer Essentials
Energizer battery charger

Free Deals:
Tide sample
Prilosec sample
3 bottles French’s Worcestershire sauce
Dole salad kit

Given to Me:
hot cocoa mix
tray of mini cupcakes
3 layer cherry cordial torte


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Jammy Time

I got busy at the sewing machine a few days before Christmas. The result: jammies for three members of the family. Soft, cuddly, and warm!


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Gathering Crafts

For my post-Christmas fun, I might try some of these:

I really, really like this calendar idea from Lark and Lola. So cute!

A little free embroidery from Allsorts to try out in the winter lull.

A skirt without a pattern from Anna. I would do the waistband-and-zipper version.

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After Christmas Sales

So many bloggers are posting their after-Christmas deals; I thought I would do the same.Light bulbs. Two packages of 40 watt. Walmart. Less than $4. That’s all we need.

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The Stockings Are Full

My clever Professor made stocking hangers this evening after we remembered that our real stocking hangers are also inaccessibly packed away behind the furniture pile. He simply bent the hook section of white wire coat hangers, one per stocking, downward at a 90 degree angle. Set along the mantle, with a row of books to weight them and garland to hide them, they seem to be counterbalanced just right for our very full stockings.

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The Professor Learns Free

The Professor is learning my tricks: He came home today and told me he got this fresh poinsettia FREE! But he won’t tell me the story until later. I can hardly wait. I am so proud of him!

The garden center was giving them away with the purchase of a plant on Christmas Eve. He bought a loropetalum (Chinese fringe) for me for Christmas. He planted it too!

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Christmas Decorating is Over in Our House

We finished decorating for Christmas about the time we began decorating for Christmas. Here is the reason:All the rest of our Christmas decorations are neatly shelved behind this half of the garage sale pile! Back there behind the dressers and the bags of clothes. Behind the medical equipment and the TV. Behind the furniture stacked to the ceiling. I AM NOT climbing behind all that to pull out boxes of wreaths and angels and nativities. So decorating is finished here.

I believe I will bake instead.

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