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Free in August

Here’s what I got FREE in August, from couponing and sales, special deals, give-aways, and rejects from other people:

5 lb chicken: $10
3 Hershey’s candy bars: $2.67
1/2 gallon iced tea: $1.50
2 boxes Minute Maid soft lemonade: $3.58

2 first aid kits: $9.38
Dulcolax Balance: $12.99
Schick Hydro razor: $9.99
Blink tears: $9.99
Crest Pro Health Clinical: $4.99
emery boards: $1

Publix jumbo roll paper towels: $1.32
backpack: $6.99

kielbasa with chips, drink, cookie: $5
Capozzi’s pizza slice: $2.25
Rita’s Ice: $2
2 steak dinners at Longhorn Steaks: $43
2 Taco Bell sparkling limeade: $3.38

Total: $118.04


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Getting Things Done

I spent the last three days reading this book, cover to cover, and then digging right in to begin implementing his ideas.

Basically, he says that everyone needs a place to dump all their mental to-do lists, plans, cogitations, wishes and dreams, out of their head and into the written word. That will free up a lot of time and mental energy for creativity.

I had to hack through quantities of rather boring info meant for the business world, but what remained was very helpful to me in my home world. I’m still working on emptying all my ideas, plans and thoughts into list form; more keep coming back to me as I work. But when I am finished I expect to have a binder full of my future. And I won’t be worrying that anything is falling through the cracks!


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