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Making Table Centerpieces

The woman’s Christmas Brunch at church is coming up and I was asked to create centerpieces for the event. Pinterest wins again: I found cone trees and I thought they would be easy and inexpensive to make. Heather, Joyce, and I got together one day a couple of weeks ago and started brainstorming ideas.

I started with a stack of lime green upholstery fabric scraps I had in my stash. I had no plans to use them for my home decor projects, so they could become trees. Shopping at Hob Lob, we decided on the color scheme of lime, turquoise, and bright pink. Each table will have three trees, one each of small, medium, and large. 
It was fun choosing coordinating fabrics and brainstorming trimming ideas. They had to be inexpensive, but otherwise, any idea was a possibility.
Then we spent three long days cutting, gluing…

 and trimming 36 poster board trees.

I’ll post an update after the event in December.


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Decorating for Easter

The ladies Aesthetics Team at church spent the afternoon decorating the church for Easter today. We dragged out two huge tubs of silk floral supplies and then we sorted through them, looking for spring-like colors. After grouping like with like, we made bundles of each group, then wrapped them in brown paper. We gathered up assorted tin pails and buckets and plopped the paper-wrapped bundles inside.
Gathered together on the narthex table, under a large mirror, it looks like a French flower market. Very festive and springy!

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Pinterest Craft Day

I hosted my first-ever Pinterest Craft Day this afternoon.

The idea for this came from my friend Kathy, who wondered when we could get together to do some of these crafts that so many of us pin on our Pinterest boards, but never get around do actually doing. I thought getting together was an excellent idea – so I chose a date and time and sent out invites to friends who might be interested. Greta chose this simple craft for our first meeting, and I wrote up a supplies list.

Four of us met this afternoon to create our 3D paper cuts. Kathy and I chose to do apples, Heather did pears, and Greta did Easter eggs! I think they all turned out very nice.

It may be hard to see in the photos, but each piece of fruit (or egg) is 3-dimensional. Each is made up of two identical paper shapes stacked together, then folded and stitched down the center. The top layer is then fanned outward to create dimension. The stem/leaf part is painted on. Heather and Greta weren’t able to add the details because they were late in starting: Greta worked late and Heather had to take a little one to the doctor for ears.


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Decorations for Ladies Event

Last night the ladies event at church went really well. We decorated the tables in the gym with centerpieces of the white branches we made two weeks ago. Most of the branch bundles were anchored into a white ceramic vase using scoops of yard gravel. (The florist marbles we were planning to use turned out to be too lightweight to hold the branches upright. So when we found a bag of gravel in a storage room, we were quite excited.)

When we ran out of white ceramic vases, we filled in with clear glass ones. They had the nicer looking clear marbles to support the branches.

We stood each vase on a thick cross section of a log, and sprinkled sparkly faux snow on the cut side of the log. We also scattered tealights in clear glass jars around the tables. Each glass jar was half-full of faux snow.
Each centerpiece had a different clear glass decoration hanging from the branches: crystals, beads, filigree hearts, blown hearts, stars, and snowflakes.

It turned out beautifully, and we got lots of compliments on the decorations. We are so pleased that it didn’t cost much: we bought only the Epsom salts, white glue, and faux snow, which was a deal at 75% off after Christmas.

Our thanks to Mr. David for cutting up his tree into thick log slabs for us. Do you think you could cut one or two for me too?

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On a Rainy Day

An afternoon spent making 48 heart pop-up cards for the Sunday School children to decorate and send as encouragement. A peaceful activity for a gloomy, rainy day.

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We’re the "Church Ladies"

When there’s an urgent need for some kind of help at church, a group of ladies steps up to get done what needs to be done. Yesterday, a group of us prepared food for a reception following a memorial service. There’s usually not much warning for something like that, but all these sweet ladies gave their Sunday afternoon to helping at a moment’s notice.

I really enjoy working on projects like this; it was a joy to work with all of you, even though the circumstances weren’t wonderful.

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Decorating for Christmas

I somehow ended up on the church decorations committee this year. With our music director AND our decorations gal leaving this year, everyone was at a loss as to how to go about decorating the church. One brave elder stepped forward to sort of direct things, and two other ladies and I stepped forward to actually do the work.

First we spent several hours digging through the attic to find what was available. Then we spent another afternoon evaluating all the bits and pieces and deciding what we could use and what we wouldn’t use. Then we gave ourselves the day last Saturday to get it all out and up.

Here are some of the decorations we did.

The atrium wall

The Narthex table:
In the sanctuary:

8 arched windows:

Between the windows:

In front:

A hard-to-decorate side wall:

It only took 11 hours to finish the job.

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