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July Freebies

Here are the items I got totally FREE during the month of July. Click here to read a previous post explaining each category.

Publix Mystery Coupons:
salad dressing
hot dogs
12-pk root beer
CVS Extracare Bucks with Sales & Coupons:
4 Sure deodorant
2 pkgs feminine products
3 pkg skin care cloths
Soliel razor and refill blades
2 Spa body wash
2 Colgate toothpaste
2 Johnson’s baby wash 15 oz
50-ct Tylenol
1-liter Listerine w/ free mirror
2 bottles Dawn dish detergent
3-pk paper towels
Sunday paper
2 candy bars (filler)
2 half-gallons milk
Great Sale Prices Combined with Coupons:
Sunsilk Plumping Creme
Infusium shampoo
Crest toothpaste
single Well Patch
2 10-pks disposable razors
3 pkgs feminine products
CVS cocoa butter lotion 32 oz
French’s mustard
Rice A Roni Nature’s Way
Joint Juice
2 jars Planter’s peanuts
6 packets Kool-Aid
2 cans Muir Glen tomato paste
Full Rebates:
Sure deodorant
Pert Plus shampoo
Free Deals:
15 4×6 prints
2 Chick-Fil-A meals
Goody’s headache powder
shave gel
hand sanitizer spray
Nature Made multi-vitamins for her
Betty Crocker Warm Delights sample
Cascade rinse agent 4 oz
Honey Bunches of Oats
Given to Me:
LOTS of tomatoes
hot peppers
blueberries, about 3 lb
Rice Chex
tortilla chips

All month we have been getting an abundance of tomatoes. Our neighbors on both sides grew too many plants this year and they give us their overflow. One neighbor brings over a bag of tomatoes, about 2-3 lbs, every two or three days. He tosses in three cucumbers and a small bag of green chili peppers too. We have 18 tomato plants of our own, but they aren’t producing all that much yet, maybe two lb a week. Then today, as the Professor and I sat in a little rural restaurant, an older gentleman walked in with bags of tomatoes and handed them out. It was about four pounds of tomatoes! A note inside said they were grown on the banks of Somethingorother Creek by Lud and Wife Whatever. It was very thoughtful of him give away his extras.

I think I will be making tomato sauce soon.


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Cool Salad for a Hot Evening

Fresh tomatoes straight from the garden, layered with cucumbers from the neighbors.

A sprinkle of feta cheese and a drizzle of dressing.

All topped with basil snippets from the pot on the patio. So refreshing.

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Lovin’ Kroger

I hit the jackpot at Kroger this afternoon. I found almost everything on my list with clearance stickers on them. The only item I paid full price for was the frozen broccoli. The ice cream, yogurt, and peaches were on sale (not clearance), and everything else you see here had clearance stickers, called “Manager’s Special” stickers on them. Usually it’s 50% off the regular price.The pyramid of ground beef is 15 one lb pkgs at $1.66 each
6 loaves wheat bread 50 cents each
2 bags angel hair coleslaw 89 cents each
half gal milk $1.29
Kaiser rolls 79 cents
3 boxes English muffins 50 cents each
Special treats for my family:
Camembert cheese $2.99
Crab and artichoke dip $1.49

2 half-gallons ice cream $1.99 each
peaches 99 cents per lb
plain yogurt $2.39

Full price:
frozen broccoli $1.29

When I went to check out, I didn’t have the ice cream in my cart. My total was $46, and I wanted to use a %15 off coupon I had which was expiring on the 31st. But the register wouldn’t take it. On closer inspection, we saw I had to purchase $50 minimum. So I added the two cartons of ice cream, got my total a few cents over $50, and got $7.42 off. Total spent: $43.06

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Just One Dollar

All this cost me only $1! Yep. Just one.

Here’s the deal I did at Walgreens: the 6 bottles of Olay are part of the Register Rewards deal in this week’s ad, spend $10, get $3 RR or spend $20 get $7 RR. The Olay is on sale for 3/$10. I bought six for $20, then I had six coupons, expiring on July 31, for $2 off and $1.50 off. My total came to $10 and I got a $7 RR, so the net is $3. The Pert is an August “free after rebate” deal in the new rebate book. $3.79 minus a $2 coupon, minus the full rebate, means I make $2 on it. The $3 cost of the Olay minus the $2 earned on the Pert comes to $1.

I will definitely be donating the Olay Ribbons and the Pert to charity; the other body washes may go to charity too.

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A Great Find

I found a real bargain at my CVS today. They have 32 oz bottles of CVS brand Cocoa Butter Lotion on clearance for $2. Combined with the $2 off any CVS skin Care coupon, it is FREE! 32 oz is a BIG bottle. Run over to your CVS to see if they have it too.

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Blog Archives

I have been working on transferring our family blog archives to a thumb drive, using a template the Professor created for me. It is exhausting and time consuming work. I have just two months of the 20 months total to finish and then I can print them out. Yay! After that I think I might do the same for this blog.Why would I do all this, you ask? For two reasons: Because some day this format might just disappear, and then all my hard work would be lost, never to be retrieved again. I would hate to lose all that family history. Secondly, much as I like the blog format, when I want to reread something, I prefer a hard copy. My main goal is to be able to print them out and put them in a binder. But, I want the printed copy to be pretty too. I like the blog style we picked out, but it’s not easy to move that into Word for printing. That is why the Professor created a template for me. It’s not as pretty as the blog, but it will do.

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Bathroom Ceiling, Part II

Once I finished patching and priming the bathroom ceiling, I realized it would make my painting job much, much easier if the ceiling color matched the wall color. No edging, no repainting over the slips and oops, no wobbles. Ahhh, painting is easy under such circumstances. Oh silly me. Whatever was I thinking?

If I paint all the walls too, that means buying a gallon of new paint. So I’ll have to look at paint samples. And choose one. Is it too pink? Too green? Too gray? Too dark? Does it look more like white than a color?
And then I will have to strip the wallpaper border from the walls. Of course, if I pull, the adhesive will stick tight and the border will rip. And then I will need to scrape the paper remains off with my thumb nail. And it will turn into a multi-hour chore.
And after stripping, I must patch the dings and bubbles of paint. And sand. And wipe off all the dust. And then I can’t forget to take down all the wall items, and the outlet covers, and the light switch plate, and tape off the baseboards, and the shower door edging, and the vanity and door.
So, now can we paint? The kids really want their shower back.

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