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Browsing at the Thrift

I went in my favorite thrift store looking for tiny gold Christmas balls. I came out with an unusual handled basket ($1.98), a new roll of green granite-look wallpaper (.60), and a silicone muffin pan for Heather (.99). I envision using the basket for picnics, perhaps to carry bottles. The roll of wallpaper won’t end up on my walls even though I do have a green house. It might make nice shelf liners for my china cabinet, or backing for a shadow box, or a million other uses in crafting. One thing for sure ~ it will last a very long time.


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Turkey Soup

Done! The worst part of Thanksgiving is finished: deboning the turkey carcass. I really don’t like the tedium of that job, and I don’t like the smell of the bones cooking. But I just now finished deboning and adding chopped veggies, barley, and rice to the broth, and it will simmer the rest of the day. Turkey soup for dinner tonight!

Now I will move on to thinking about decorating the house for Christmas. I believe I will start with Maryanne’s idea for a branch tree.

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Thanksgiving Preps

We will be traveling for Thanksgiving tomorrow. After picking up family at the airport early in the morning, we head north 1 1/2 hours to daughter and son in law’s. They are unable to travel right now because baby is expected to arrive at any moment. Perhaps we won’t even make it through the turkey before we become grandparents!

Under the circumstances, I volunteered to prepare all the food and take it up. So we will travel with a raw turkey (in large cooler), potato casserole, sweet potatoes ready to become casseroled, assorted canned goods to be turned into various dishes, fresh cranberry relish, two pies, and low carb cheesecake. It was a busy day in my kitchen. Here is the final result:

In the middle of all the baking, I made ham ‘n pineapple pizza for lunch. We decided we like it best with a thin crust.

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I canned eight jars of Green Tomato Chutney yesterday. Chutney is really good as a garnish on chicken curry, and spread on ham sandwiches instead of mustard. Usually it is made with assorted dried fruits; I made this batch with all the green tomatoes left on our bushes after our first frost. I added raisins and chopped apples to it also. Sugar, onions, vinegar, and spices complete the recipe. I didn’t have a recipe, so I googled for recipes, combined recipes, and finally adjusted by taste. I’m sure I’ll never be able to duplicate it.

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Thanksgiving Week Bargains

3 dozen eggs, $1.00 dozen
2 bags m&m’s, sale 2/$5, $1/2 store coup, $1/2 mfr coup, net $1.50 bag
small Hershey’s candy bars, sale .25 each, BOGO mfr coup (boohoo I only had one coup)
Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner, sale $2.99, $2.00 mfr coup (had 2), net .99 each
Sunsilk cream conditioner, clearance $1.89, $2.00 mfr coup, net: Walgreens paid me .11!

I’ve never tried Sunsilk shampoo before, so I don’t know if I will like it. Because of that, I don’t mind not having more coupons.

I also wanted to get that Purell foam sanitizer that was a net cost of .49, but they were all out. I went to another Walgreens, they were out too, so they gave me a raincheck and told me to keep the store coup to get the price. So I will be able to combine it with my $1.50 mfr coup and earn $1.00.

Sunsweet dried apricots 6 oz, sale $1.99, $1.00 coup, net .99 (That coupon might be from my dumpster diving foray)
Tylenol vial, sale $2.49, xbucks $2.49, mfr coup $1.00, net earn $1.00 (yeah!)
Keri lotion $8.49, $4.00 xbucks, $1.00 mfr coup
Olay body wash $4.99 ea, $5.00 xbucks, $1.00 coup on each
Paid with a $2/$10 coup, a $3/$15 coup, and my previous $10 in xbucks, total oop $3.35
xbucks earned for next visit: $11.50

The annoying thing is Robitussin being recalled just when CVS is having a sale AND xbucks. I wanted to buy two bottles (plus coupons) to get me over the $30 point and then be able to use my $5/$30 coupon.

Found some great stuff here.
No Yolks noodles .99, had five .50 coups, all doubled, got five pkgs noodles FREE
Green Giant boxed froz vegs, sale $1.00, had several different coups which got me six boxes for .50 each
cake mixes .89, $1/2 coup, net .39 each
cans of pie cherries $1.50 each. I bought all five remaining cans.
tortillas sale $2.00, $1.00 coup
Sundown vitamins BOGO, combined with one $3.00 coup and three $2.00 coups, I paid .24 for one bottle of vitamin C, and .59 each for three bottles of echinacea.
Eagle Brand sw cond milk, sale $2.00, $1.00 coup
Pet evap milk, .89, .25 coup doubled, net .39
I bought a few other things such as meat and fruit, for a total oop of $29.40. My savings through coupons and sales was $49.54.

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An Autumn Evening

Soft candlelight brightens a chilly room on a cool fall evening.

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A Good Bargain Week

2 Colgate Max Fresh paste, BOGO, reg $2.99, .75 coup
Tylenol 24 ct, .99, $1.00 coup
Total OOP $2.22 plus tax

2 Fantastik sprays, $2.13, $1.00 coup on each (expiring today)
Oxy-clean spray, $2.77, .75 coup (expiring today)
Keebler graham crust, sale $1, .55 coup
Russell Stover sugar free candy, $1.50, BOGO coup (to freezer for xmas stocking)
Butterfinger Stix candy, clearance .25 (to freezer for xmas stocking)

CVS: I did the Tylenol xbucks offer, as well as the Advil xbucks offer. I used coupons on all the products and earned $10 in xbucks. I also got a $3 off $15 coupon for next week. I’m getting there!

Publix: Too many to list. Suffice to say that I purchased only one item at full price, a 2-lb bag of carrots. Everything else was on sale and couponed, or BOGO. Publix had a really wonderful selection of BOGO this week; usually their BOGO’s revolve around prepared food or junk food. But not this week. This week’s receipt is a keeper! I purchased 55 items, and spent $53.20 including tax. I redeemed 28 coupons; 22 were doubled. My total savings through sale prices and coupons was $63.45.

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