Painted Table

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I liked our painted kitchen table so much that I decided to paint our old round end table in the family room to match. It’s small, so it took only a moment with the palm sander to denude the tabletop. I only roughed up the legs and apron because primer can go over an old finish.


Two coats of primer and, later, two coats of white latex to the lower section of the table modernized it nicely. Then my favorite part: wiping on dark walnut stain and watching the color change. Lastly, two coats of oil-based urethane, followed by a few days of curing before it was safe to put the decor back.

end table painted (3)


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ImageI sadly noticed that one of my favorite, and very well-used, tablecloths had sprouted several holes (again). So I decided to make two matching table runners out of the good end sections. That finished, I was about to toss the holey middle section when I realized that I could cut it all up into nice, heavy, cotton rags.

So I folded and cut in half and half and half until I had reasonably sized rags. But those raw edges got me. So out came my serger and I zipped around all 16 rags in no time at all. I rounded the corners to save time. Ta Da!


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{Made} Bag O’ Gold

ImageThe childrens’ Sunday School class needs a gold bag for a lesson, so I created one today. All it took was a piece of shimmery gold lame’ fabric, an equal piece of muslin, and a piece of 8.5×11 paper for a pattern.

I placed the short end of the paper on the fold of the fabrics and cut around it.

Next, I stacked the unfolded lame’ on the unfolded muslin and pinned them together, and then I serged all the way around because the lame’ ravels like crazy. On the two short ends, I folded down about 1 inch to form casings for the drawstring. (Oh yes, you need something for the drawstrings too. I used two pieces of black twill tape.) Press and stitch the casings in place.

Then, at the two corners at the bottom of the bag, I traced around a big lid to get rounded corners, and cut on the lines. I stitched up the side seams just until I reached the casings, but I didn’t stitch through them. After I turned the bag right side out, I ran a piece of twill tape through both casings and tied the ends together. Then I ran the other piece of twill tape through both casings the same way, but I started and stopped in the opposite hole.

Cinched up, it’s a bag o’ gold!


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Cone Trees – Update


Our cone trees were a huge hit at the ladies luncheon on Saturday.


After the luncheon, we bravely offered the trees for sale in sets of three, and most of them sold! The remaining ones will be centerpieces at a second luncheon later in the month, and perhaps more will sell then. We hope to just recoup our costs.

Below is my “brown bag” lunch in a basket. I created a liner in pink polka dots, which matches one of the fabrics we used for trees. I made a cranberry-chicken croissant sandwich and added fruit for a treat.


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December 4, 2012 · 12:40 PM

I’ve Moved!

Welcome to my new blog! I had to find a new hosting site because my old one, blogger, wouldn’t allow me to add any more photos. They said I had filled my allotted space. Well, pffftt. This blog requires photos, so here I am, transferred over to Word Press. I hope they are more photo-friendly!

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Little Projects

This photo has nothing to do with the post; I just like itLast week, I had a newly-painted white lamp and I didn’t really like it. So I (no surprise) painted it again. I tried Rustoleum paint and primer in one again, this time in the metallic oil rubbed bronze. It’s more bronze-y than the Krylon oil rubbed bronze that I’ve used so often, but I like it a lot. I think I might even like it better than the Krylon variety.Now I have two matching lamps in the family room. I still need to replace the lampshades.

Other little projects I’ve been working on:An old framed magnetic white board I purchased at a garage sale years ago, sprayed with chalkboard paint, and now a magnetic menu board! I stood it in a scrolly plate stand on the kitchen counter.Greta drew the Thanksgiving message on another chalkboard I painted recently. The frame has been empty for months; I asked the (wo)man in orange at Home Depot to cut a piece of masonite to fit my frame. I sanded it, primed it, and sprayed it with chalkboard paint. Greta volunteered to keep my messages seasonally updated. Isn’t that nice of her?The white-green-yellow pillow is also new. I found the fabric at Fabric and Fringe Warehouse and stitched it up to fit my favorite Ikea pillow insert. I like to rotate my sofa pillow covers and this one gives me more variety.

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Making Table Centerpieces

The woman’s Christmas Brunch at church is coming up and I was asked to create centerpieces for the event. Pinterest wins again: I found cone trees and I thought they would be easy and inexpensive to make. Heather, Joyce, and I got together one day a couple of weeks ago and started brainstorming ideas.

I started with a stack of lime green upholstery fabric scraps I had in my stash. I had no plans to use them for my home decor projects, so they could become trees. Shopping at Hob Lob, we decided on the color scheme of lime, turquoise, and bright pink. Each table will have three trees, one each of small, medium, and large. 
It was fun choosing coordinating fabrics and brainstorming trimming ideas. They had to be inexpensive, but otherwise, any idea was a possibility.
Then we spent three long days cutting, gluing…

 and trimming 36 poster board trees.

I’ll post an update after the event in December.

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