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Free in May

What I got completely FREE during the month of May:

Publix Mystery Coupon Items:
2 half-gallon cartons iced tea
Publix potato chips
1 gallon Publix bleach

Rolling CVS Extracare Bucks:
2 Colgate toothpastes
Colgate Sensitive toothpaste
Colgate Total toothpaste
Schick Quattro razor
2 Right guard deodorants
2 Dry Idea deodorants
1 Blade deodorant
Playtex Sport
2 pkg Schick disposable razors
travel size tube St. Ives Apricot Scrub
2 Oral B toothbrushes
Bayer Quick Release Crystals
9″ play ball
Viva paper towels
2 bags chocolate covered peanuts

Rolling Walgreens Register Rewards:
5 stainless steel water bottles
Dry Idea Clinical deodorant
Bayer Quick Release Crystals
Skintimate shave cream
3 tubes Aveeno mosturizer
Honey Maid grahams
6-pk Hershey’s choc bars
Jet Puff marshmallows
Cayenne Pepper on clearance (filler)

Great Sale Prices Combined with Coupons:
3 half-gallons Smart Balance milk
4 Old El Paso taco seasoning mixes
6 jars Pace salsa
Hunt’s ketchup
5 McCormick Grill Mates seasonings
2 Weber Grill Creations seasonings
4 Kraft BBQ Sauce
2 A-1 Steak Sauce
3 Kraft salad dressing
2 rolls Glad wrap
2 boxes J&J 1st aid pads
2 J&J 1st aid tape

Spent Free Gift Cards (from transferring rx):
3 gal milk
10 bags frozen veggies
4 boxes taco shells
2 cans green chilies
2 cartons sour cream
3 lb tomatoes
2 dozen eggs
10 lb chicken leg quarters
sourdough bread
5 limes
yellow squash
fresh pineapple
1 lb strawberries
2 lb cheese
1 qt. unflavored yogurt
Dial soap pump
Colgate Sensitive toothpaste
Right Guard deodorant

Full Rebates:
Bayer Quick Release Crystals
Dry Idea Clinical deodorant
Suave deodorant

Free Deals:

Oscar Mayer hot dogs
4 pkg Sara Lee hot dog buns
2 boxes Wheat Thins
Schick Intuition razor
2 Schick Quattro Titanium razors
Aveeno travel kit
2 reusable shopping bags
Moe’s burrito (birthday club)
Baskin-Robbins ice cream cone (birthday club)
Coldstone Creamery ice cream (birthday club)
Firehouse sub (birthday club)
Arby’s chicken club sandwich (Mother’s Day Q)
2 bagels at Einstein’s

Given to Me:


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Pie Day

Spinach quiche for Sunday breakfast…

And lime pie for Sunday afternoon (you’ll have to imagine the whipped cream that will cover the top).


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In the Garden

Our roses:

Between rain storms on Memorial Day we tried to whip the yard into shape. First we planted five Recurvifolium Ligustrum, or wavy leaf Privet on the back hill. We expect these to fill in to a solid wall about 15 ft high to block our view of the neighbors’ new three story addition. Starting out in one-gallon pots, they have a bit of growing to do!

Next we planted several Razzleberri Loropetalum, or Chinese Fringe, also on the back hill. These will also grow tall and fill in together. We hope to completely block the ugly fence as well as the neighbors’ addition. We want to look like we live in a park! Right now it’s hard to believe that this flat little plant…

will some day grow to this…

After weeding, The Professor mowed and edged the lawns, while I tied up the tomato plants. My tomato cages disintegrated two years ago, so this is a new method for me. I’ll see how it works.


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Back to Garage Saling

I was sick for most of April and well into May so I haven’t made or done much recently.

But finally, yesterday, Heather and I had a chance to go garage saling. We were disappointed in the number of sales; we found only four! Then we remembered that it was Memorial Day weekend. Duh.

I found one fabulous thing: an adorable cradle for Luke’s upcoming baby brother (Luke calls him Bubba!). It was very grimy, but it all came sparkling clean with scrubbing the hard surfaces and soaking the fabrics. This adorable cradle was only $5!

And Greta is looking forward to having it passed down to her.


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Waiting for Spring

I’m ready for comfortable sleep this spring. I made some warm weather sleep pants using a thrifted sheet I bought last year. It was a pale aqua twin size sheet with eyelet trim at the top edge. I placed the hem line of the pj’s along the finished edge of the lace. No more than 30 minutes of stitching. Elastic waist. Done.


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