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A New Project

A BIG mess in the craft room right now: I’m working on a journal of our past vacations. Inspiration was the black spiral journal shown in a previous post.

For years, I’ve kept daily notes, as well as little paper ephemera, when we go on vacation. I’ve never known what to do with it all, until now. Hoping a finished book will emerge from that room in the next few weeks.

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I just discovered the dining room hutch I want. By IKEA:I picture three of these side-by-side along the one very long and high wall in our dining room (it’s supposed to be the living room really). Three will take up over nine feet of wall. Just think of the adorable vignettes I could arrange behind those glass doors! The seasonal displays! The teacups! The pitchers!

I’m saving my pennies.

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Love Letters

The Professor and I decided not to give each other special occasion cards anymore ~ instead, we are writing a “love letter” for the other in a blank journal on each special occasion. We have matching journals that the Professor picked up at the book store. I like to decorate the page besides writing. So far: our anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

Over the coming years, we will be able to go back and read the thoughts of previous years. And they will be all bound up neatly. For good.


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Birthday Dessert

I created this chocolate mousse tort out of my desire to use up some of my freezer stash. I had an angel food cake loaf, purchased on clearance last fall, that really needed to be used up. With a birthday party tonight, I thought it was a perfect time.

I used my old stand-by chocolate mousse recipe and spread it between thin layers of cake. More mousse slathered on the sides and top, and it was done. The cake softened a bit in the refrigerator.

I always have trouble getting the melted chocolate to be smooth once I mix it with the beaten egg whites. That’s what the dark lumps are in the mousse. But it still tastes good!


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