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New-Old Furniture

I’m so excited about my fantastic furniture find. On my morning walk one Saturday last month, I came across a garage sale in the neighborhood behind our house. They were selling bedroom furniture: bed frame, dresser, and desk; for $30 or $10 each piece. I thought there must be something wrong with it, or else it was fake wood. But no, every piece was well-built, solid wood, dovetailed joints, and in great condition. I rushed home and dragged Heather out of bed. She was especially interested in the dresser, but she hated the shiny black glaze over the original finish. I volunteered to strip it (mommies-to-be shouldn’t breathe those fumes), AND to buy the desk too, in case she would want it later for a diapering table. $20 poorer, we carted them home to our garage.

The desk’s current home is my studio. I will finish stripping it sometime later.

The dresser, half stripped.

Added later: Here is the completed dresser, stripped and refinished with two coats of tung oil. It is now at home in Heather’s house.

Below is another find I’m very excited about, but I can’t say any more about it for a few months because it’s a gift. All I can say is it’s wood and it’s quite unusual.


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Multi-Colored Quilt

This is a throw-size quilt I finished recently. It’s machine pieced and hand quilted. Every 4″x4″ patterned block is a different fabric. I listed it on ebay, but I had no bids.

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