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Free in November

I like to keep a list of what I get free, or costing me just a few cents, every month. This is a great reminder to me of how God blesses our family in my efforts in being a true Home Economist.

My deals in November are lighter than usual because I decided to take a break from working the CVS and Walgreen’s deals. It is a lot of work to keep up with each week, and we were getting over-saturated with stuff. Besides, since coming back from vacation, my time has been taken up with other pressing projects, so I decided to spend all my Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards before we left on vacation. In mid-November I began working in the deals again. Taking a break was quite refreshing!

My great deals for November:

Publix Mystery Coupon Items:
bag of Hershey’s Kisses
2 pkg hot dogs
American cheese singles
pepperoni pizza

Great Sale Prices Combined with Coupons Makes Free:
4 pkgs whole wheat pasta (20 cents)
2 dozen eggs
8 bags frozen vegetables

Free Deals:
1 lb block of cheddar cheese (Kroger price promise)
1 gallon (actually a little less) Edy’s ice cream

Given to Me:
2 lb bratwurst
2 bacon-wrapped steak medallions
breaded fish fillets
5 lb potatoes
3 lb oranges
3 lb apples
spray primer
spray starch
furniture oil
tarnish remover
2 carpet cleaners
tung oil
spray adhesive remover


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We’re busy with preparations for Thanksgiving dinner, and this year I am blessed to have a little helper.

Here is the result about halfway through our baking:

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Only Four Left

I made a batch of decadent brownies the other day and now they are almost gone. My purpose in making them was to use up a bit of leftover buttercream icing from, oh, maybe August. That was our last birthday celebration, so that’s what the icing was probably left over from.

First I used a brownie mix for the bottom layer (purchased on sale with a coupon, of course), but I baked it in a 9″x13″ pan. Then I stirred a little cream cheese into the leftover icing and spread it over the cooled brownies. Finally, I melted about half a package of chocolate chips with a little shortening and poured and spread it over the icing. A little chilling in the refrigerator and they were ready to eat.

But~we found them tastier after sitting in the refrigerator for a day.


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Samantha Has New Clothes

Samantha models a few of the new doll outfits I made this week. I will be trying to sell them at an upcoming craft show at a ladies event at church. Heather hopes to make a few things for the craft show too.Here is a cranberry wool sweater and black suede skirt. I felted a wool sweater and cut it down to itty-bitty to make the sweater. This is a knit jumpsuit, but it still needs some trim. I’m thinking a little fabric rosette on the bodice, then Samantha is off to play.

My current project is creating a pattern for a riding outfit for one of the historic dolls. It is taking me awhile to make the pattern and a prototype jacket, then I will make the whole outfit in dark green suede cloth. A little girl I know will be getting it for her birthday.

Later ~ Here is the riding outfit, complete except for the tiny gold buttons accenting the gold braid. I haven’t found those elusive buttons yet.

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Decorating for Fall

Fall is not my favorite season, so I usually procrastinate on adding some fall color to our house. But it’s rather cold now (that means I need a sweater sometimes), so I finally got in the mood to let the fall colors show inside as well as outside.

Here is the buffet in our dining room, about the only place where I can safely add seasonal decor because clutter usually doesn’t get plopped here. In the background is a Pilgrim couple that Heather made out of cardboard and paper many, many years ago. I love it! I see that Mrs. Pilgrim lost her bonnet somewhere along the line. Maybe Heather can make her a new one this year.

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