Birthday Dessert

I created this chocolate mousse tort out of my desire to use up some of my freezer stash. I had an angel food cake loaf, purchased on clearance last fall, that really needed to be used up. With a birthday party tonight, I thought it was a perfect time.

I used my old stand-by chocolate mousse recipe and spread it between thin layers of cake. More mousse slathered on the sides and top, and it was done. The cake softened a bit in the refrigerator.

I always have trouble getting the melted chocolate to be smooth once I mix it with the beaten egg whites. That’s what the dark lumps are in the mousse. But it still tastes good!



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3 responses to “Birthday Dessert

  1. I would think the frozen nature of the cake could help you spread the layers before it thawed. Looks good.Carol

  2. Actually, Carol, it was well-thawed before I got to the point of slicing the cake and spreading the mousse. But it was still very easy to spread, without the typical crumb problem of layer cakes.

  3. Yum, Grace!Thank you for saying hello to me–so nice to meet you.Grace is my favorite word, though.HUGS and blessings to you as you make your home!~meP.S. I just finished homeschooling (the teaching for school credits part last month), my baby (16 year old) is now in a Charter School. She loves it, we love it.My other daughter, is a Sophomore in college, and I homeschooled her 11 years, so I homeschooled 13 years, total…just something I had in common with you- 🙂

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