{Made} Bag O’ Gold

ImageThe childrens’ Sunday School class needs a gold bag for a lesson, so I created one today. All it took was a piece of shimmery gold lame’ fabric, an equal piece of muslin, and a piece of 8.5×11 paper for a pattern.

I placed the short end of the paper on the fold of the fabrics and cut around it.

Next, I stacked the unfolded lame’ on the unfolded muslin and pinned them together, and then I serged all the way around because the lame’ ravels like crazy. On the two short ends, I folded down about 1 inch to form casings for the drawstring. (Oh yes, you need something for the drawstrings too. I used two pieces of black twill tape.) Press and stitch the casings in place.

Then, at the two corners at the bottom of the bag, I traced around a big lid to get rounded corners, and cut on the lines. I stitched up the side seams just until I reached the casings, but I didn’t stitch through them. After I turned the bag right side out, I ran a piece of twill tape through both casings and tied the ends together. Then I ran the other piece of twill tape through both casings the same way, but I started and stopped in the opposite hole.

Cinched up, it’s a bag o’ gold!



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2 responses to “{Made} Bag O’ Gold

  1. Joyce

    Very nice Adie! I like the new look! Congrats on learning a new skill in DecemberLand!

  2. Marj Swierenga

    And it’s such a great visual for the wise men…and then again for Zaccheus….plenty of uses! Love it!

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