Pinterest Craft Day #11

We had a light turnout this afternoon for our craft day: just Heather and me. Even so, we had fun. We went ahead with the scheduled craft, enameled number tags. All of us, even those who couldn’t attend today, searched high and low for blank metal dog tags, with a hole near the top. We never found them, so I thought the craft was a washout, but Heather had other ideas.
She suggested we use an aluminum soft drink can, cut it open with scissors, and then punch out discs with my circle punch. A standard hole puncher made the holes near the top edge, and white spray paint covered the printing on the can. Then we planned to stamp numbers or letters on the front with black stamp ink, but I had none. Our limited choice in my craft drawer was deep red ink or black acrylic craft paint. We chose the black paint, dabbing it on the little number stamps, and then stamping that on the dog tags. Mostly, it worked well. My one big ooze wiped right off so I got a second try on that tag. 
We covered the bottom of my electric skillet with parchment paper and heated the skillet to 350*. Then we sprinkled clear embossing powder over the surface of the dog tags, one at a time. Carefully, we lifted the powdered tag onto the parchment paper and then watched the embossing powder suddenly melt across the tag’s surface. It’s magical!
And there you have it. 


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3 responses to “Pinterest Craft Day #11

  1. Very cute. Did you know that as a variation you could stamp into the "enamel" while it's warm?

  2. Sadness that I didn't get to come…looks like it was a cool craft…

  3. What are you going to do with your dogtags?

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