New-Again Table

Our old kitchen table from last century was really begging for an update. A blonde top and dark green legs are really not the thing to be wearing these days, that’s for sure. Now that all the kids have escaped to their own homes, I decided the time was ripe for a re-do.

I grabbed the palm sander and went to work in the kitchen. Some minutes later I realized that was a big “oops!” I had laid a fine layer of sanding dust all over everything in the entire kitchen and family room. I even found a dusting on the windows! So, after the massive clean-up, I had The Professor help me drag the table to the patio, where I could sand to my heart’s content.

The top down to bare wood, the next step was the fun part. At least I think it’s fun. I love to stain bare wood and watch it turn a deep brown as it brings out the beauty and various tones of the wood. 
Some time elapsed while I took a week to get ready for our garage sale, and then get our home back to normal after the sale. Finally I found a free day yesterday to prime and paint the legs and apron on the table. I had The Professor help me flip it upside down on the kitchen floor and I got to work with a brush.
Three coats of primer…
Two layers of white paint…
Turned right side up again, and LOVELY!

A few days later I spent all my garage sale earnings on a few white Ikea chairs. We can’t sit on mismatched chairs now, can we? We really like these chairs with the padded seats. Some day I will recover the pads with a fabric that coordinates better with my kitchen and family room colors, but for now it works for me.

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  1. It looks great!! I have a similar table (same top but black legs) that I use in my craft room. I may just have to do something similar to this to spruce it up a bit!

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