Frames and Mirrors

I’ve gone a full year without artwork on the dining room walls, ever since I painted the room last May. See the corner of the dresser and the big, bare wall beyond the dining table, above.
I needed inspiration and a BIG mirror. Well, I got the big mirror last month. Heather had it stored in the attic and then she decided she would never hang it above her boys’ dresser. Never. Not with Thomas the Tank engines and books and Brix Blocks flying through the air on a regular basis. So she gave it to me and I knew it would be perfect above my dining room “china cabinet”, which is really just a dresser.
When Greta stopped by this morning, I snagged her help. That mirror is HEAVY! We weighed it just to be sure we bought hardware that would hold the weight. It weighs 33 pounds. After a run to three stores, we had hardware in hand and we got that thing up on the wall.
Next I wanted to add some artwork on each side of the mirror to fill out that big, blank wall and begin to balance the 12 feet of tall bookcases on the opposite wall. Greta helped me with that too…

 Tracing the frames on brown paper, cutting out the templates…

 taping them to the wall, pounding in the nails…

 And hanging everything up. Thanks, Greta!


 Two chairs to fill out the wall a little more, and a little r,w, and b for the season.



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2 responses to “Frames and Mirrors

  1. Hey! Take good care of that mirror! It was my GRANDMOTHER'S!! If you ever get tired of it…I'll take it back!!

  2. Love it. This motivates me to get working on some pictures that I have to hang up!

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