Kitchen Closet Finished!

In my last post, I had cleaned out and repainted the closet in the kitchen. Over the next few days, I gathered up all my china, glassware, serving pieces, baskets, and all the other food-related items I use when entertaining. They have been scattered all over the house, from bedroom closet to laundry room to dining room and garage.  I slowly worked my way up from the floor, filling the shelves with it all. 
I purged (again) as I worked. Wow. I sure have a LOT of stuff. Some pieces I’ve held onto for decades, even though I haven’t used it in decades. I guess I thought I “shouldn’t” pass it on if someone gave it to us for a wedding gift. So silly.

I have officially renamed this closet the China Closet. Many historic homes have a china closet instead of a china cabinet or hutch, so I feel I’m in good company.
Going from top down and left to right on each shelf, I have: (shelf 1) glass beverage dispensers and large apothecaries; (shelf 2) inherited family china and vintage glass dessert sets; (shelf 3) china teapots and small pitchers; (shelf 4) our wedding china; (shelf 5) china Christmas plates, china plates for decorative uses, and china plates collected from our travels; (shelf 6) goblets; (floor) tall vases and baskets in open bins.
On the very top shelf which doesn’t show in this photo I have a green depressionware berry set and smaller glass apothecaries.
I love that I can simply open the doors and take out whatever I need.


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3 responses to “Kitchen Closet Finished!

  1. Great job! My husband recently built me a china closet! Isn't it nice to have one place to keep it all? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! It is so organized. Looks great. I am sure you are glad to have a major project like that finished.

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