A Redo for a Closet

After hurting my back on Monday (or maybe it was Sunday), I’ve been rather slow this week. Lots of lazing around and doing nothing. Yesterday I fell asleep while reading, and then I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I decided I’ve had enough of that, so I got busy on this sad, sad closet. 
This rats’ nest of cords and electronics is gone now. It’s new home is the office closet, but some has been completely removed. Yay!
The guys moved all the computer equipment out last night and that freed up lots of space. It also exposed all the grime on the walls! Since I needed to empty the closet and reconfigure it anyway, I decided to take the extra time to clean, patch, sand, caulk, prime, and paint.

 Lol. Some people have phone jacks in their closet…and electric outlets too!

 It’s still a work in progress, but here is the closet with one coat of primer. Check back later for the finished closet!

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