New Playroom for the Grands

Once we got the new office/studio set up in the last kid bedroom, it was time to turn the old studio “closet” into a playroom for the grandchildren. It’s a tiny room, but they are tiny children, so it’s a good match. 
First I painted the ceiling and all the walls. They were quite grey and discolored, perhaps from a build-up of smoke from the fireplace. The room has no windows and no furnace/ac vent, so it gets little circulation. I thought the big french doors opening into the room counteracted the lack of ventilation, but it looks like that’s not the case. 
We bought a new cabinet at Ikea for toy storage.
 And then we raided the attic stash for outgrown toys from the aunts and uncles.
The rug came from the grandchildrens’ own home, as did the play table and chairs. (Table hasn’t been delivered yet.) I have ideas pinned on Pinterest for decorating the room; I’m looking at garage sales for fun vintage items for the walls.

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