Little Easter Flags

Browsing on Pinterest today, I found some cute little muslin flags. I don’t know how they made them, but it gave me inspiration to make my own little muslin flags for an Easter centerpiece.

First I had to hunt up my yards of muslin fabric….somewhere in this house. Found. In a box in the garage. Then I pulled out bamboo skewers, the drawer of rubber stamps, Martha Stewart craft paint, and fabric glue.

I guessed at the size to cut the flags, and later, when I measured them, it turned out that they are 3″x5″, just the size of an index card. I cut 30 of them.

I spread one short edge of the muslin pieces with fabric glue, about 1/2″ in, then I put a skewer near the edge and rolled the fabric over it. Pressed down to make it stick well, and repeated with all the flags.

Those took only a moment to dry so I was off to the fun part: decorating the faces.

I used a brayer to “ink” my stamps with paint, and stamp the center of each flag with a design. When they dried, I mimicked the design on the other side of most of the flags. Turns out, not all my stamps were mirror image, so the two designs front to back didn’t always line up well. With sunlight hitting them, the mis-match shows clearly. So I stopped doing the reverse when they didn’t match up.

I found that it was much easier to match up the front and back when I used clear stamps, and not so easy when I used foam stamps. I love those clear stamps!

I put them in a few of my vintage milk bottles for display.


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