Decorating for Easter II

I don’t go all out with Easter decorations around my house, but I do like to add a little bit of vintage look to the dining room buffet.

I began with an embroidered cloth I purchased in Paris 10 years ago. Then I layered on fun decorations I’ve collected over the years. Above is a chick pulling an egg cart, holding a filigree egg. It was from TJ Maxx, if I remember correctly.

Under the dome is real paper grass and three old pompom chicks. One was always in my Easter basket when I was a child. I remember having it when I was three years old.

A wood Easter sign from Hob Lob two years ago.

Cute chick egg cups, also from Paris, with painted wooden eggs in the cup sections. The eggs I purchased many years ago at Michael’s; they were painted a shiny white. This year I rubbed them up with a sanding sponge, then I painted them pale blue with Martha Stewart’s craft paint. I might speckle them with a bit of brown, but maybe not. I haven’t decided.

In the black flower bucket I created an Easter tree with crape myrtle branches, sprayed white. Decorated eggs hang from it. It doesn’t photograph well, so it’s not shown.
I’m linking to Met Monday at BNOTP.


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