February Goals Accomplished

At the beginning of February I posted my goals for the month. How did I do? Here is a recap:

1. Do a birthday party for the three February birthdays in our family. Done

2. Create winter decor for the mantel and the dining room sideboard. Done
3. Restain and urethane family room coffee table. Done

4. Celebrate our wedding anniversary with a trip to a cute coastal town. Done

In Forsyth Park

5. Have contractor do repairs to our master bath. Done6. Clean up the garage. Still not done. I need help with this, and help seems to be too busy.

I did a few other things, too, that weren’t on my original list.

1. Our washer broke and it took over a week to get the new part installed. In the meantime I used the laundromat.

2. Had the contractor fix the huge cracks in our kitchen ceiling while he had a crew at our house. He also installed 5 recessed fixtures, solving our lighting dilemma in the kitchen.
3. Primed and painted the bathroom and kitchen ceilings.

4. Re-caulked the bathroom shower.

5. Made two sofa pillows.
6. Painted a stack of frames black.



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3 responses to “February Goals Accomplished

  1. Me

    I have a weird question, well not really weird just personal. How much did it cost for the contractor to install the lights? i have the exact same issue in my kitchen. We are DIY updating it by painting cabinets etc, but we only have the 1 lighting fixture up top and it just isn't enough. I talked to my husband about doing it, but he doesn't like to mess with electricity. Maybe I could save to have this done.

  2. Well, Me, it's hard to answer that question. Our contractor is a personal friend who deeply discounted for us. And the whole project was one price: bath lights, kitchen lights, and shower tile. I did see a price list for Mr. Sparky, though. It was something like $200 per recessed fixture, if I remember right. (I believe Mr Sparky is a national chain and I assume their prices would be the same nationwide.) Our experience has been that electricians will come out and give an estimate free of charge; unlike plumbers, who will charge lots of $$ for the trip out.

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