I Made My Own Pot Scrubber

The last of my stash of pot scrubbers fell apart last week and I really needed a new one. Before I worked in a shopping trip into my schedule, I hit upon another idea when I emptied a sack of potatoes: I had the needed materials for a pot scrubber!

Here is how I made it:

I cut the brown plastic-like mesh bag along the sides, cutting off the thick seam areas. I also cut off the thick area at the top. My sack had a label applied to the mesh, but bonded so tightly that I couldn’t peel it off. So I cut that part out too.

Next, I cut the remaining areas of the sack into squares approximately 4″x6″.

I stacked these squares into a pile (I had about 10 pieces), then I hand pleated the stack through the center and pinched it tightly.
Then, still pinching, I wound a thick thread around and around, very tightly, and then tied it off in a double knot. Don’t use anything with wire in it because it could scratch your cookware.
Now it looked like a tissue paper flower. And, just like I was making a flower, I pulled each “petal” out from the center to fluff it all up.
Scrubbing pots clean is a moments’ work!

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One response to “I Made My Own Pot Scrubber

  1. That was always one of the "Hints from Heloise" favorite requests. And you "thunk it up" on your own. Way to go.

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