January Projects: Complete!

At the beginning of the month I posted a list of projects I hoped to accomplish in January. Here is how I finished the month:

1. Cut up thrifted garments into pennant shapes Done…

and make three strings of bunting Done

2. Plan office arrangement and buy and install two desktops. Planned, but didn’t buy due to budget constraints
3. Try a cook-for-the-freezer day Hmmm, not sure this one will work for me. I still cook up big batches of ground beef and chicken and divide into smaller containers for the freezer, but making whole meals or casseroles in bulk just for the three (or two) of us isn’t how we eat anymore.
4. Finish three spray painting projects Done, but I don’t like the final result on two of them
5. Clean up garage Not even begun. I need The Professor’s help and he hasn’t had a free Saturday.
6. Gather bare branches and coat with Epsom salts for winter decor. Done: Made 50 branches with two helpers for ladies event
7. Clean out binders and make covers Done

8. Portrait session for David Done

9. Visit the Re-Store Done

10. Walk an hour a day, six days a week First two weeks it was so cold and rainy that I had difficulty finding a good time to get out there. After that, I consistently did M-F. Saturdays just don’t work for me.

11. Try out all the processes in my Vitamix Done

I also accomplished some other projects that I didn’t originally plan to do this month:

1. Cleaned out sewing supplies and got rid of tons of stuff

2. Moved sewing supplies to desk in guest room

3. Cleaned out binders of crafts ideas: reduced from 22 binders down to 9 binders

4. Hemmed four pairs of pants for a friend

5. Decorated for ladies event at church

6. Helped our church facilities manager build shelving in a new closet
7. Helped clean out the church pantry to make room for new serving pieces


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2 responses to “January Projects: Complete!

  1. Just goes to show that with a goal in mind, you may not accomplish averything, but you'll be a lot closer. I like the idea of monthly goals.

  2. Encouraging to read. Thanks for posting!

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