January List

On my projects list for this cold and dreary month:

1. Cut up 25 thrifted garments into pennant shapes. Make three long strings of pennants to hang across the windows or above the porch: patriotic colors, Easter egg colors, and spring green and yellow.

2. Plan our office arrangement and buy and install two desktops.
3. Try a cook-for-the-freezer day (I never have done one).

4. Finish my three spray painting projects waiting for me in the garage.
5. Clean up the garage.

6. Gather a bunch of bare branches and coat them heavily with Epsom salts. Stand in a tall vase for winter decor.

7. Clean out my church binders and organize all three into one (new) one. Label (new) dividers, and make a pretty cover and spine. While I’m at it, make pretty covers and spines for my coupon binder and budget book too.
8. Use my Groupon for a portrait session for David.
9. Visit the Re-Store up the highway – first time ever!

10. Walk an hour a day, six days a week (off on Sundays).

11. Try out all the processes in my new Vitamix blender: juicing, blending, dry chopping, wet chopping, grinding, frozen mixtures, and hot mixtures.


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3 responses to “January List

  1. Looks like a lot for one month – let us know how it works out

  2. I would love to hear about the ReStore! Have you gone yet?

  3. Restore: Yes, Greta and I went up to Cartersville. Lots of housewares and building supplies. Little furniture. Not much clothing. Everything half off the day we were there. We each found a few little things, nothing much or exciting. No fabulous old windows like we wanted!

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