Thrifty Find

Last week’s Thrifty Find was on my “To Find” list for over 30 years!

I have wanted a pressure canner since I began canning early in our marriage, but they have always been too expensive. Off and on, I have looked on Craig’s List and similar publications, but I was always too late the few times I saw one listed.

On Friday, while garage saling, there this was:Only $8.

It is quite heavy, and all the parts are accounted for.

It looks 1950’s to me, but it may be earlier. I could almost write its biography from the pieces of information I have about it. The young man at the garage sale said it was his grandmother’s, and then his mom got it. He remembers helping her can with it some years ago. Inside, the loose parts were wrapped in sections of newspaper, dated Oct 5, 1994, from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. That might be the last time the canner was used.

I have no idea if it’s all in good working order, so I’ll be taking it for a test drive very soon.



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2 responses to “Thrifty Find

  1. The booklet should have a copyright and printing edition list in the front which can help date it

  2. AD

    Big Sis – I looked for some sort of date or copyright or edition in the front (and back) of the booklet. It just isn't there – not even in Roman numerals.

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