Pillow – Finished

As the guest room nears completion, I felt the bed needed a little extra something. I’m not much of a toss (or is it throw?) pillow person, but it seemed that that was just what the bed needed. I had several yards of fabric left over from making the curtains last year, and two old sofa pillows that had seen better days.

Fist off, I ripped open the old pillows to take out the pillow inserts. But they were only filled with layers and layers of batting, not true pillow inserts.

No problem, I thought, I will cover the stacks of batting with muslin and make my own inserts.It was quite easy.

Then I cut one end of the fabric on the diagonal to make bias strips for piping. I had extra fat cording for my piping; I’ve never made piping this fat before. It was harder to stitch.

I cut squares of fabric for the pillow front and back, and then I pinned the piping in place, rounding off the corners to made a more modern pillow. The big chore was to get my stitching close enough to the piping so that it didn’t gap. It took something like three trips around the pillow to get it right.


I’m linking to Met Monday at BNOTP.



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3 responses to “Pillow – Finished

  1. How smart are you! Love it and it looks wonderful on your beautiful bed! 🙂

  2. very pretty.. love the fabric you choose.

  3. I'm loving the yellow in the room! The pillow looks great!

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