Thrifty Finds

On our weekend runnings-around today, The Professor and I spotted a church rummage sale on the main road. We took a quick peek and look what I found:

An old mahogany (I think) sewing or knitting table! It was originally $60, marked down to $40, and everything at half price on the last day. That brought it down to $20. Really.

See the two rounded areas, one on each side of the drawers? Those are deep pockets meant for storing a lady’s hand sewing or knitting next to her chair. So clever!

Here is how they open:
I love the leg detail:

All it needed was a scrub with Murphy’s Oil Soap, a few screws tightened, and three or so tiny nails hammered into the bottom of one of the rounded pockets. I can do all that. Easy.

It’s now an end table in the living room.

Ignore the flowery furniture; it will be getting new slipcovers as soon as I get brave enough to tackle that project. (But window coverings come first.).



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2 responses to “Thrifty Finds

  1. That was a good deal! I used to have one of those, purchased for about $95 years ago, and sold for at least that to an antique dealer. I always get my money's worth when I buy antiques!Your living room looks so charming! I believe you switched your living room and dining room around so you have more room for dining. You are always so clever!Carol

  2. Great table! I love it and it's perfect in that spot!

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