Chandeliers Galore

I have been busy, busy, busy painting chandeliers this week: eight, to be exact. Our church sanctuary is being renovated this summer and some of us ladies decided it was high time for the bright brass chandeliers to go. But at $200 a pop, it just wasn’t in the renovation budget to replace them.

So we proposed we spray paint them black, and those new to the idea of do-it-herself were horrified. You know, we might ruin church property or something. But we persevered and the final result looks fabulous.This is the before view; we were getting ready to begin renovations the next day. Two brass chandeliers are barely visible in the top right corner.

Day 1: The property manager borrowed a lift to take the chandeliers down from the ceiling. I washed them all and removed about 12,000 dead lady bugs. Ick! Then I covered the light sockets with aluminum foil and hung them outside.

We set up a hanging system using three ladders on the grass. The lawn badly needed mowing, but that is good, because once we finish painting, the lawn kid can just mow the paint overspray off.

It was 90-plus degrees outside that day and the humidity was close to that. All my helpers had backed out at the last minute so I went at it alone. After I had primed three chandeliers it started to rain, so I finally had to quit.

Day 2: I rounded up a couple of helpers. Here they are putting on the final primer coat. After the primer, we went at them with Krylon Black Satin paint. It took two of us to check and recheck for missed spots. Chandeliers can be complicated to paint!

A final coat of Crystal Clear by Krylon, and then a final drying. As each chandelier dried, we replaced the brass chain with new black chain, and our friend on the lift rehung them.

All eight are back up (only four are visible). They beautifully show in silhouette against the new gray paint of the walls. All the renovations are complete here too: new platform and carpet; new pillars and trim around windows; new wall paint.

My heartfelt thanks to friends Mary Jo and Kathy for your painting help, and thanks to Dennis for playing electrician/lift operator/engineer!

I’m linking to Met Monday over at BNOTP.



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9 responses to “Chandeliers Galore

  1. Oh, these are JUST WONDERFUL! The black paint definately upgraded those chandys and you saved the church so much money. I know it was a lot of work but so many people will get to enjoy the fruits of your (and your helpers) work.

  2. The chandeliers look lovely! Shame on the folks that backed out of helping you! You did such a good job!♥'sSherry

  3. Thanks for this post…I am getting ready to paint a chandelier and as wondering how I would "hang" it…now I know! I debated on white, black or oil-rubbed bronze…decided on the latter, but I do like the looks of your black.

  4. Love the results, what a wonderful transformation. I also can feel your pain about dealing with issues of change when so many have an opinion. You did a wonderful job.

  5. Churches rely on people like you to help with creative ideas to keep God's home looking its best. You have done a great job.

  6. OHHH we have about 10 of these in our church 🙂 These look great! Sharing your gift comes in all different forms! 🙂

  7. The chandelier transformation is wonderful! Congrats on a job well done!!

  8. They look great, but I had to say also how wonderful of you to do this for your church! And isn't it funny how you get a lot of "helpers" who then never show up??? Well, you get a lot of Jesus points for what you did!Best,Gloria

  9. It's amazing how a some simple black paint makes such a great transformation! Love the foil tip! I'd never have thought of that. One more thing to add to my painting tote :DDropping by from Met Monday.

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