Progress on Master Bedroom

The story of a dresser

Last Friday Heather and I were out garage saling and we came upon an estate sale. We’re not usually very interested in estate sales because they are pricey compared to garage sales. But this one was at an old house tucked back in the woods; the house itself looked interesting to tour at least, so we stopped. The house was quaint and old and quirky, rambling from one addition to the next. We spied several tables of glassware. And linens. And two vintage folkwear skirts. “Fun place”, we thought. “Steep prices”, we also thought.

Tucked in the corner of the only bedroom in the original section of the house, I saw this dresser, covered with doodads for sale. One really couldn’t see the dresser at all, without looking for it on purpose. It wasn’t priced. On asking, I heard that it was a solid mahogany antique. Price? $265. “Too much for me”, I thought. But, they accept bids. Over 50% of asking price, and it’s yours if unsold by the end of day 2. Under 50% of asking price, and it’s yours if unsold at close of final day.

I called The Professor, who pointed out that $265 was an excellent price compared to antique shops. I remembered that Ikea’s 8-drawer particle board dresser retails for $300. There’s no comparison in quality: antique mahogany vs. Ikea particle board. Which would you choose?

But still, I wanted to at least try the bidding process. I’ve never done it before. So I bid just over 50%, at $135. And mid-afternoon on Saturday I got the call that it was mine.

We drove right over to pick it up, and the two of us really had to struggle to pick it up. It weighs a ton. Thankfully, a kind customer stopped and asked if we needed help loading it. It looks beautiful against the freshly-painted walls.
This weekend I also finished painting the master bedroom, just in time for our furniture delivery this morning. We bought a new bed, our very first real wood bed with headboard and footboard and side rails. It is also mahogany, with a cherry finish.
I love the dark wood against the aqua walls. I went out on a limb (for me) to go with aqua walls. I was certain that it would be too intense for me, but, with the dark furniture in place, I love the contrast.

After painting, we also re-configured the rods and shelves in our walk-in closet, to better suit our current needs. I was amazed that the pieces are so flexible. We need only to have one rod trimmed down a bit, otherwise, everything fits.
The cardboard boxes lining the floor are intended to be temporary. We decided to replace the old corner cabinet that was our only china cabinet. Until we find the china cabinet we want, all our china and most of our glassware will be stored in these boxes.


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2 responses to “Progress on Master Bedroom

  1. Lovely. Yesterday I spied a white wicker desk in good condition in an antique store. Hubby quipped, "You aren't going to leave me here, are you!" He is feeling old like an antique, but no chance! Store was closed. Today we went there and the white wicker desk was $85! I always wanted one for our guest bedroom. Now to get the clutter out of the guest bedroom!

  2. I like the dark furniture against the pale of the aqua walls. Please post a picture-same angle-once you have the window treatment in place and bed made up.

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