Free in November

Here is what we were able to get free this month. Listed next to each item is the retail price:
9 spools Reach dental floss: $17.31
2 flu vaccines: $60
14 cans Carnation evap milk: $16.66
6 bags Vigo rice: $7.74
8 bags Mahatma rice: $9.52
Birds Eye veggies: $2.27
8 boxes Muellers pasta: $10.32
Levolor top down/bottom up pleated shade: $985
46″ Samsung LCD hi def TV: $1300
19″ round glass table topper: $30
Haircut for the Professor: $18
Martha Stewart Living subscription: $59.88
2 little gold birds (Hallmark): $10
2 rolls gift wrap: $6
2 gift decorations: $4

Total: $2,536.70



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3 responses to “Free in November

  1. Well, I recognize some of the grocery deals…but I'm curious about the other items! How'd you do it?

  2. Marj,I wondered when someone would ask. There are some really odd things on that list, I know. I got the non-grocery items free in various ways: I got the birds and gift wrap when Hallmark had a Q online for $10 off any purchase. Each computer was allowed two Q's. The TV was someone's rejected broken equipment that David repaired. The blind was similar: our new blind broke, they sent a replacement and told us to toss the broken one, but David took it apart and repaired it. Floss was a Wag sale and Q deal. Haircut? I give the male cuts here, which saves us $18 a pop.

  3. Truly well done! Jon does a good job of reminding our kids how repairing our things is like paying ourselves. Important life lessons.

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