Garage Sale Again

Today: a quiet day of rest after a very tiring week of preparing for a garage sale all week, and holding the sale on Friday and Saturday. We sold lots and lots and lots of little stuff, but very little in the way of pricier items such as furniture. We actually sold none of our furniture. That was disappointing, but I was pleased with my final income.



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2 responses to “Garage Sale Again

  1. Great. Maybe the economy is why you didn't sell furniture. My garage sale will not feature furniture. I did bring clothes to church today and some friends got some of the clothes. What they didn't take will go in our garage sale. This is the maybe 4th time I have even had a sale, and it gets harder the older I get. I am just thinking thoughts like do I care to dust this. What is the likelihood I will need all this tuppleware, etc.

  2. Those are the kinds of questions I ask myself, New Kid. It gets me to toss an awful lot of stuff into the garage. And the funny thing is, I almost never miss the stuff after I sell it or donate it.

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