Free in August

Here’s what I got FREE in August, from couponing and sales, special deals, give-aways, and rejects from other people:

5 lb chicken: $10
3 Hershey’s candy bars: $2.67
1/2 gallon iced tea: $1.50
2 boxes Minute Maid soft lemonade: $3.58

2 first aid kits: $9.38
Dulcolax Balance: $12.99
Schick Hydro razor: $9.99
Blink tears: $9.99
Crest Pro Health Clinical: $4.99
emery boards: $1

Publix jumbo roll paper towels: $1.32
backpack: $6.99

kielbasa with chips, drink, cookie: $5
Capozzi’s pizza slice: $2.25
Rita’s Ice: $2
2 steak dinners at Longhorn Steaks: $43
2 Taco Bell sparkling limeade: $3.38

Total: $118.04


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