Painted Pedestal Bowl

I finished a quick little project, except it wasn’t all that quick. I found this lathe-turned wood bowl at an estate sale a month or so ago. In the before picture you can see that the finish is in really bad shape. The wood has a number of cracks in it, and, except for the pretty silhouette, there isn’t much to recommend it.
After sanding, filling in the cracks with wood filler, and sanding again, I primed it, then spray painted it black. It took me forever to get it painted because I did it in the HOT garage, where, between coats, I kept forgetting about it. But it’s finally finished and I’m very pleased with it.


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2 responses to “Painted Pedestal Bowl

  1. Thanks for stopping by! That's a beautiful bowl. And what a fun 4th of July party you must have had. That's a nice big backyard.

  2. Turned out so well! Love the lemons in it.

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