Free in February

Here’s what I got free in February:
2 cans Rotel: $2.78
Ken’s Steak House dressing: $3.19
Toufayan mini croissants: $4
2-liter bottle soda: $1.50
tray of valentine brownies: $7
Birds Eye Steamfesh vegetables: $2.39
Royal pudding mix: 34 cents
Ore-Ida fries: $3.19
deli rotisserie chicken: $4.99
1/2 gallon chocolate milk: $2.65
hot cocoa mix: $1.69

2 9-roll packs bath tissue: $8
4-roll pack bath tissue: $2.38
Greeting card: $1
helium balloon: $3

2 bottles Blink Gel Tears: $24
Colgate Total Advantage toothpaste: $3.89
Aussie conditioner: $4.29
2 bottles Crest Pro-Health rinse: $7
small hand sanitizer: $1.19
Ester-C: $12

Total: $100.47


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