Samantha Has New Clothes

Samantha models a few of the new doll outfits I made this week. I will be trying to sell them at an upcoming craft show at a ladies event at church. Heather hopes to make a few things for the craft show too.Here is a cranberry wool sweater and black suede skirt. I felted a wool sweater and cut it down to itty-bitty to make the sweater. This is a knit jumpsuit, but it still needs some trim. I’m thinking a little fabric rosette on the bodice, then Samantha is off to play.

My current project is creating a pattern for a riding outfit for one of the historic dolls. It is taking me awhile to make the pattern and a prototype jacket, then I will make the whole outfit in dark green suede cloth. A little girl I know will be getting it for her birthday.

Later ~ Here is the riding outfit, complete except for the tiny gold buttons accenting the gold braid. I haven’t found those elusive buttons yet.


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  1. I'm in awe of the idea of making your own pattern for the outfits! However, if you're interested in borrowing some of the doll patterns that I have, you're more than welcome. I think I have 3 or 4different ones.

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