The Great Flatware Mystery

I discovered a mystery in our home last week: Whatever happened to the rest of our silverware? I searched the whole kitchen, then the house, and this is all I found. I have two very similar patterns; the one on the left is supposed to be eight place settings, and the nicer one on the right is supposed to be 10 place settings. So, where are the missing pieces?


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3 responses to “The Great Flatware Mystery

  1. Do you send forks or other missing pieces with the professor to work?I have lost some soup bowls from my china in my moves.Oh well!

  2. I asked about stray spoons or forks hanging around the vicinity of his desk, but he says there are none. I suspect most were accidentally tossed in the trash.

  3. I think they're out partying with trash flatware and you'll end up with knives, forks and spoons of no discernable pattern. I'm sure that's what happens with the socks that disappear in the washer and dryer.

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