New Napkin Rings

We are a cloth napkin family. We use them partly because I grew up in a cloth napkin family, but also because they save resources – water, paper, landfill space. I keep a tall stack of white cotton napkins in the pantry. White? Because they can be bleached, and because new ones added to the old will always match. We expect each family member to use their napkin for several days, until it begins to look stained. Then into the wash it goes. We each have a unique napkin ring so that whoever sets the table can easily identify napkins.
Recently we have had frequent dinner guests and I saw the need to have some spare napkin rings on hand. But, surprise, individual napkin rings are hard to find; they most often come in sets of four. Until I hit Pier 1 this morning. I found these three napkin rings on clearance: $1 for one and 58 cents each for the other two. That’s the kind of deal I like.

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