A Mail Problem: Solved

With six adults in the house now, we really have a mail problem. It gets scattered from counters to tables to desks to bathrooms. Not having a convenient or reasonable mail stop is our main problem. First we tried “piles” on a section of the kitchen counter. Didn’t work; always cluttered. Next we tried mail slots, one per person. Didn’t work; too small for today’s oversized envelopes. Finally we bought a 7-pocket magazine file at The Container Store (about $20). I labeled each pocket with a name, plus one for restaurant coupons. At first we hung it on the metal back door with magnets. But even heavy magnets couldn’t hold it up. So we used nails in the wall next to the back door. It’s accessable but hidden, tidy, and organized. All features to make Mom happy!


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2 responses to “A Mail Problem: Solved

  1. Nice! I hope the slit with just one 'letter' in it is Jared & Heather's!!

  2. No, I think that’s David’s slot. But Luke’s pacifier is hanging from the little red pocket at the bottom.

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