Gearing Up for Thanksgiving at Publix

It took nearly forever to get my grocery shopping done this afternoon. But, I’m happy to say, I found some really great deals.The freebies are:

bottle of bleach (mystery coupon item)
Worcestershire sauce
10 boxes corn muffin mix (most likely for donation)

The items on sale combined with coupons are:
8 boxes B. Crocker potatoes, 9 cents ea
10 boxes Domino sugar, 19 cents ea
8 cans diced tomatoes, 75 cents ea
4 cans corn, 40 cents ea
2 boxes wild rice, 62 cents ea
2 boxes crackers, $1.40 ea
2 cans Reddi Wip, $1 ea
2 Hellman’s mayo, $1.90 ea
2 jars pickles, 39 cents ea
3 bottles Crisco oil, $1.55 ea
2 bottles Glass Plus, 25 cents ea
Lysol bowl cleaner, $1.25 (I have more coupons but I’m waiting for a better sale)

The items on sale but no coupons:
15 lb turkey, $10
fresh cranberries, $1.50
2 cans cranberry sauce, 73 cents ea
bag of oranges, $1.50
bag of apples, $3
bag of grapes, $3
celery, 89 cents

Total: $47

You may wonder how I had 8 or 10 coupons for some of these items. I must say, this week was unusual for me. Every Thursday we get a “throw-away” paper tossed on our driveway. It has the coupon inserts as well as grocery ads for the week. This last Thursday, as I looked through the paper, I happened to see a photo of our daughter at homecoming. I wanted more copies of her, so I asked around the neighbors. One neighbor decided to help me out and ask even more neighbors. Some gave me their entire paper, and some gave me just the section I was looking for. I guess eight or so of the neighbors gave me the entire paper, so I clipped all their coupons as well as my own. Also, I buy a double-bundled Sunday paper every week, for double the coupons. It costs me 50 cents extra.

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