Economical Soup for Lunch

I made Broccoli-Cheese soup for my lunch today. After I ate it, I thought about telling about it here, but by then it was too late to take a picture of it.

I LOVE this soup! it’s very easy to make and very economical too, because I use leftover broccoli. We had broccoli for dinner last night, and there was about a serving left. To make the soup, I dump the cooked broccoli in the blender, then I add one cup of water, one tablespoon of flour, one teaspoon of chicken bouillon (I buy the loose stuff in a jar; not the hard cubes), one tablespoon of powdered milk (not really necessary), and a few pinches of herbs. Today I used pepper and oregano. Sometimes I squirt a little mustard in too. I suppose you could use milk instead of water, but I never have.

I whirl it until it’s smooth, then I pour it into a 2-cup glass measuring cup, or anything microwave-safe. I toss in a tablespoon of margarine and a handful of grated cheese, whatever we have. I nuke it for a minute, stir, and nuke another minute. There! Hot, yummy broccoli-cheese soup! Perfect for a fall day when an icy wind is blowing.

If I have more leftover broccoli, then I increase the other ingredients to make more soup.


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