Another Project Completed

I had been planning to get all my scrapbooking paper scraps trimmed down into cards and tags for a long time. Yesterday I worked on it for hours, and this morning I finally finished it up. The squares and rectangles I trimmed down with my paper cutter. The tags are punched out using my Sizzix machine.

So, you ask, what are they for? Well, being the frugal person I am, I can’t just throw out my paper scraps; I have to Do Something with them. I decided that, trimmed into pretty, uniform shapes, I would be more likely to add them to projects. I have in mind gift tags, bookmarks to tuck into the books I sell online, and color added to journal entries. Do you have any other ideas?

Now that I’m no longer homeschooling, I’m slowly finding time for little projects like these. It feels so satisfying to accomplish goals!


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5 responses to “Another Project Completed

  1. Actually, the shape of the tags reminds me of tall cupcakes (cut them shorter) or ice cream sodas (trim the sides on a bit of a slant) or even birthday cakes as is with candles added, which might make a theme page or two in a scrapbook.

  2. Looking at the squares I’m reminded of the pre-cut shapes you can get, like triangles. You could cut them into diagonal quarters or even cut those 1/4s in half for page decor. I’ve even matted photos with triangles, sort of a shadow effect

  3. Such a busy beaver! I love the gift tags. I have a gift tag punch and use it often. What ‘s next to clean out?

  4. Those are all excellent ideas, Big Sis! I’ll have to tuck them away for one of those “Hmmm, what do I do to this page?” moments. Which actually never happens to me. Oh no.

  5. I love those! What a good idea. I am a scrap-hoarder but I think I would do more with them if I had them cut in cute shapes.

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