Kroger for $6.44

Kroger is running their “Buy 10, Get $5” deal again this week. On Tuesday I did two deals, buying 20 items from the list. I had coupons for all these items; most of the coupons were for $1 off, or doubled to $1 off. Some of them were for $1 off 2 items. Here is what I bought, with final prices after sale, coupons, and the 50 cents off each item.
Day 1
12 cans Carnation milk, free
2 Betty Crocker potatoes, 20 cents ea
3 4-pk DanActive yogurt, 50 cents ea
2 4-pk Activia yogurt, 50 cents ea
1 Land O’ Lakes butter, $1.50
I also bought 2 bakery items on clearance

My total including tax for everything pictured: $6.44.

Day 2
On Wednesday I went back and did two more deals at a different Kroger. I bought:
6 Deer Park water 3L, free
1 Betty Crocker potatoes, 65 cents
3 Nestle chocolate chips, $1 ea
3 Activia yogurt, 50 cents ea
3 DanActive yogurt, 50 cents ea
2 10-pk razors, free
2 Colgate toothpaste, 25 cents ea
I also bought 2 feta cheese on clearance

On this shopping trip I spent $10.19



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5 responses to “Kroger for $6.44

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! You did awesome at Kroger! WOOHOO!!:-)

  2. How much of your deal will your family use and how much is for charity?

  3. Good question, Big Sis. For the family, I am keeping:all the yogurtbuttermost or all of the bottled waterchocolate chipssome canned milkFor charity:some canned milkmost or all of the potatoesmaybe some waterall the razorsall the toothpaste

  4. hi 🙂 i have a question how did you get the water for free? we spent a good amount of money every month buying water so if i can get it for free that would be good. thank you

  5. Lala,It is unusual to get bottled water, or any groceries, for nothing. In this case, I used the Kroger “Buy 10 items, get $5 off” deal they were advertising for the week. I other words, when I bought 10 items from their special list, I saved 50 cents on each of those items. The Deer Park 3L bottles of water were on sale for $1 each. I had a fistful of mfr coupons for 50 cents off 2 bottles. Kroger doubles them, so it was $1 off 2 bottles. Doing the math on all that: $1 per bottle on sale, minus 50 cents per bottle from the special deal, minus 50 cents per bottle from the mfr coupons, comes out to nothing. Free water!Thanks for visiting my blog,A.D.

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