Tote Bag Work Party

Twelve or so ladies from church got together Thursday night to stitch up tote bags for the clients of the abused womens shelter. To an outsider it might have looked confusing, but we really did develop a procedure. First the cutting ladies arranged the pattern pieces to best advantage on the donated fabrics and cut the pieces out. Then the ironing ladies folded and pressed the strap pieces. Next to them the sewing ladies stitched the seams. Between pressing straps, the ironing ladies pressed open the seams and marked the box bottoms. The sewing ladies received the bags back to stitch, turn, and top stitch. A final pressing, and the bags went to the toiletries girl who bagged up the toiletries and popped them in the new tote bags. We had so much fun!


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3 responses to “Tote Bag Work Party

  1. aww, sounds like a lot of fun!! How many bags did you get?

  2. Fifteen (and a half) bags completed! We’re doing another sewing day on Saturday.

  3. That is AWESOME! We are in a new church that is very service oriented, maybe this is something we ladies can get together and do! What pattern did you use?

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