CVS Today

I did two transactions at CVS today. At the beginning of the week, after reading the ad, I didn’t think I would find much at all. But I had some expiring ecb’s and I DID find some deals after all.

First store:
2 tubes Colgate, $2.99 ea, $1 coupon on ea, $2 CVS coup (spit out of the price scanner), earned $2 ecb’s on ea
2 tubes Crest, $2.49 ea, $1/2 coup, earned $1.50 ecb’s on ea
CVS shave gel, $1.99, $2 CVS skin care coup
Spent $6 in expiring ecb’s, and 19 cents on my cash card
Earned $7 ecb’s

Second store:
2 Sure deodorant, BOGO $2.99, $1 coup on ea
2 Pert shampoo, BOGO $3.69, $2 coup on ea
CVS foaming hand soap, $1.99, $2 CVS skin care coup
Avery binder, $4.69
10-pk Papermate pens, 34 cents

All these products except the foaming hand soap are for the Pert/Sure rebate (Buy $5 in Pert and or Sure, and $5 in school supplies, receive a $5 rebate)
After the coupons and $4.50 ecb’s, my OOP was $1.70. This is higher than my usual, but I purchased a binder that I really need. And I will be getting a $5 rebate.

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