Walgreen’s Register Rewards

I walked over to Walgreen’s early this morning to do the “Buy 9, Get $20 Register Rewards” deal. I bought:

4 Cascade dw detergent at $2.50 each, had 25 cent coup for each
3 Old Spice body wash at 3/$10, had a $2/2 coup and a 75 cent coup
2 Olay Ribbons body wash, one at $4.99 and one half price at $2.50, had a $1/2 coup

OOP: $22.72 and I earned $20 Register Rewards! (It printed out as 2 $10 RR)There were other things I wanted to buy also, but I couldn’t carry any more stuff home. So I walked home, dropped off what I had, and walked back. Second transaction:

Jergen’s lotion, sale $2.99, $1 coup
Gillette Venus Embrace razor, $9.99, $4 coup
2 Domino sugar, $1.99 each, 55 cent/2 coup

2 bags Dove chocolates because it’s my birthday, 2/$4 with ES coup, BOGO mfr coup (net: $1 ea)

Used a $2 RR and $10 RR
OOP: $2.20 and I earned $6 RR on the Venus razor (making it FREE)



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5 responses to “Walgreen’s Register Rewards

  1. You should try with Crest also, combining the Easysaver catalog you spend only $9 oop (max) and youll get the $20 RR!!!

  2. Buying Crest toothpaste is a good idea; after all, it’s a money-maker. But I don’t *need* any more toothpaste. I have approx 20 tubes in my stash, so I think I’ll leave it on the shelf for others 🙂 The other items I bought we really will use.And thank you for the birthday wishes Heather!

  3. Thank you, Abbie! I enjoyed the day with my family, celebrating (frugally). And it was fun! I am very blessed.

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