All Free

This was my free stuff this week:Bread: Mystery Coupon item at Publix (turned into croûtons)
HB of O: on sale $2, $2 coupon
4 bars Olay soap: free using rain check from weeks ago at Walgreens
4 tubes Aveeno lotion: free after earning $10 Register Rewards at Walgreens
Essence of Beauty facial scrubs: free after earning $5 ecb’s on the three scrubs
2 tubes Pillsbury crescent roll dough (not pictured)
twin pack toothbrushes: free, plus I earned $2 ecb’s

I found more coupons in the Sunday paper so I bought 10 more items at Kroger’s “Buy 10 Get $5” promo deal. It cost me $7.50, which was more than last week, but it’s still very good for 10 grocery items:

Pillsbury croissant dough mentioned above
3 pkgs Keebler cookies
Cheez-It crackers
2 boxes granola bars
2 pkgs Kraft cheese

My other good deal at Kroger was 2 gallons of milk on clearance; one gallon of 2% for $1.50, one gallon of chocolate milk for $1.99. The chocolate milk can be dessert for this week!

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