ECB Fun Today

I keep telling myself I won’t post so many shopping trips anymore, and then I find more incredible deals. Here’s the deal of the day:

I read over at Money Saving Mom that CVS is running an April ECB deal early. The Softsoap Spa Radiant body wash will be $4.99, earn $4.99 ECB’s in April, with a limit of five. It started early, and I picked up two of them today. I also used a raincheck from weeks ago, for the Gillette Mach 3 disposable razors. Regularly $8.99, it was to generate $6 ECB’s. The manager had written the raincheck to bring the price down to what it would have been had I been able to earn ECB’s on it; in other words, the raincheck said I was to get it for $2.99. Finally, they had them in stock today. I had a $3 coupon on the razors, as well as a $1 coupon and a 75 cent coupon on the Softsoap. I also had a $5/$15 CVS coupon, and a $3/$15 facial care coupon. After the raincheck and all the coupons came off, I owed only 53 cents. I didn’t even use any ECB’s! Then, my new ECB’s printed off. I was expecting to get the $9.98 ECB on the Softsoap, but I also got a $5 ECB on the razors. Crazy! All I can figure is that it will be an April deal too, and it is also running early. I’m happy.

I also asked for a raincheck for the Lypsyl since my store has been out for weeks.


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2 responses to “ECB Fun Today

  1. Jen

    The Mach 3 was a March monthly. So, even though they brought the price down, because it was scanned the computer gave you the ECB as well. The same thing happened to me.

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