My Best Deals This Week

I did buy a few other things, but here are my best deals for the week (after sales, coupons, extra care bucks, and rebate money):

2 one-lb rolls midget Longhorn Colby cheese, $2.49 ea
1 gallon milk, $3.48
hamburger buns, 35 cents
small tortillas, 45 cents
2 pkg angel hair coleslaw on clearance, $1 ea
2 Friendship sour cream, 79 cents ea
4 Planters low salt peanuts, 95 cents ea
tortilla chips, 1 cent (mystery coupon item)
24 oz bags froz vegetables, $2 ea
1 quart mayo, $1.50
2 boxes Swiss Miss, 20 cents ea
4 boxes Celestial Seasonings tea, $1 ea
2 dozen eggs, $1.50 ea
1 dozen Eggland’s Best eggs, $1.79
10 lb potatoes, $2.48
8 5-lb bags all purpose flour, $1.59 ea

Fructis shampoo, free plus overage
90 ct pkg GUM flossers, 45 cents
3 Softsoap hand soap, 30 cents ea
3-bar pack Irish Spring soap, free
2 boxes Ziploc bags, $1.67 ea
4 boxes 60 watt bulbs, 69 cents ea
4 boxes 40 watt bulbs, 69 cents ea

Later, I went back to Walgreens and bought 8 more boxes of our favorite flavor of Celestial Seasonings tea at $1 each box. We are very well stocked on herb tea now, and The Professor is overjoyed.

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