Valentine’s Day

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the Professor and I had a quiet, romantic dinner at home in the “servant’s quarters”. It’s our tradition to have heart-shaped food, and this year I made little heart-shaped Swedish meatballs. They mostly lost their heartness in baking, but the Professor got the idea. We also enjoyed sweet corn (for his sweetness), sugar snap peas, sliced tomatoes, and red berries. After dinner we exchanged cards and candy, which I purchased after Christmas at clearance prices combined with coupons. I am very pleased with my frugality on that.

Meanwhile, our teens entertained their friends in the dining room with a fondue dinner, planned and prepared by the girls. Daughter 2 made everyone dress up in fancy clothes, much to the annoyance of her brother. But it did give him the opportunity to try out his new (to him) real sport coat. He was quite dashing.


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  1. Amy

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I laughed about the servant’s quarters 🙂 Very cute!

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