New Year Savings

I haven’t found all that many bargains yet this week, but that may be because I haven’t been shopping very much. With family in town until Jan 2, I just didn’t make it a priority to go shopping. So far this week, I went to:

Christmas clearance 75% off on gift wrap (.49 a roll) and gift tags (.25 a pkg)
Red votive candles 75% off, .10 each

Whitman’s Soho boxed candy 75% off, brought it down to $1.25, had a $2 coupon but the register wouldn’t take it. The manager offered to make the price $2, then take the $2 coupon. Net: free! The other nice thing about this candy is that the plain red box makes it appropriate for Valentine’s Day too. Free treats for the kids.
Oreo cookie crumb crust, .49
Lip balm, .50
Wal-Born (like Airborne), $3.99

Angelsoft TP, .99 for 4 rolls. These seem like small rolls. Don’t know if they are really the best price.

Wanted to get the Johnson’s Softwash on sale, but my coupons expired before I could get to the store.


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